“Meet Me Behind The Bar!”

Humble beginnings ended up as something beyond what words can describe—so we took plenty of pictures! Some of the images from ‘deconstruction day’ have a snowy appearance—the dust that was illuminated by the camera flash.

A little history

The project began in a building owned by W-Graphics in Easton, Pennsylvania in early 2007. Walking into the building that morning, we decided to get a shot of the entrance of the building. The condition of the bar-back was…well…scary. The header and crown section had been sawn off-center and fitted around a steel I-beam. The woodwork was dark, dirty and in very poor repair in many places. Numerous holes were drilled and hammered into this poor thing, but that’s manageable at least. As for that chop-job in the middle…?

There were a lot of neat things found on the floor, on the walls, behind the mirrors. Old coins, antique textured wall paper, header murals and a lot of dirt.

Once the crown and header were liberated from the wall and I-beam, things moved along quickly. The columns came out easily, as did the doors, drawers, mirrors and the top. The bases were taken out as intact carcasses and all of this was loaded into one pickup truck and one full-size, heavy duty van.